Theater Seating Project

Jackson, Wyoming (2020)

Yet another project in a resort area!  The two just seem to go together, when we talk about relaxation and escapism!

This customer happened to walk by our Design Studio in the Mart one day when we were closed between Christmas and the New Year, and saw the Fortress Seating Hudson we display in the front window, and contacted us immediately to set up an appointment.

People often ask us, “Do we have to include a cupholder in the arm?”  Many people don’t like the aesthetic of having a cupholder in the arm of a beautiful, custom piece of furniture, and we understand that completely.  That said, most people still want to be able to perhaps enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail while watching a movie, as well they should!

For this project, we resolved the “no cupholder issue” by building a custom-sized console table to match the chairs.  We can build the console tables to any dimension, both width-and-height-wise, to fit the needs of the room and the customer’s usage.  These chairs and console tables are covered in a plush mohair, with dark walnut accents for the chair arms and console table inset.  We did the height of these tables at 18”, to minimize spillage risk, by placing them below the level of the chair arm.  

It is another great example of how AEG embraces the ability to do pure custom work with our seating projects.