About Artisan Electronics Group

The Pursuit of Perfection

Creating the Ultimate Dedicated Cinema Room: A Hands-On, Uncompromising Approach.

It is our belief that in its purest form, a best-in-class dedicated cinema room represents the very finest expression of the very best offering the custom electronics industry can bring to the consumer.  It is the piece de resistance of our category.

When we are provided with a true blank canvas to create these rooms, working with architects to make sure that all the proportions and dimensions are exactly what they should be.  When we get to place the entry door exactly where we believe it should be and specify the right door to use.  When we work with a general contractor who will listen to all of our crazy requests, and ask them to do things with the structural elements in the room that they have never done before.  When we are able to bring all of these elements together, that is when we have our best opportunity to build the perfect room.

Theater Room
Lake Geneva Home Theater

Our customer is someone for whom “well above average” is not even close to what they are looking for.
They want the best.  Based on the reputation that gets AEG hired to build these types of rooms, our customers come to us with very high expectations.  The expectations we set for ourselves are higher.  We often say about our projects that we leave “no inch” unconsidered.  Every detail matters, and any tolerance that is greater than 1/16” is unacceptable.  We will treat your theater room like we are hand building the space shuttle in your home.

Ken Walker Home Theater

Our process is very hands on, and to maintain the quality control which separates our finished projects from others in the marketplace, we can only build a handful of these rooms a year.  As the owner of the business, I will personally be on-site when your project is underway, not only to be present when our actual work is being done, but also to fully supervise and guide all of the additional trades which are each so important to the overall quality of the finished room.  We always have a keen eye on the sum of the parts.

We start every day with the belief that our best work is still in front of us, and we try to move that bar higher by the day.