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AEG Home Theaters Design Studio Unveils High-End Custom Theater Seating in Merchandise Mart

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This is truly saving the best for last.  At the conclusion of our three-and-a-half-year vision quest, we knew that to succeed in the Merchandise Mart we needed to be something more than just the finest demonstration cinema in Chicago.  We needed to fill another niche that was underserved and would have a logical fit into other categories in the Mart.  In a single afternoon brainstorming session with some of my most trusted advisors, we gathered to decide for once and for all what our “play” was going to be, to take us to the Mart.  When we called it quits (I had an appointment with a water ski), we were in unanimous agreement that the missing piece was high-end custom theater seating.

At this point, we were 13 years into our business, and while we were doing a dedicated theater room once every couple of years, we had yet to sell a single theater chair.  What a great concept!  Stake our business future and personal savings on a category we knew nothing about.  Brilliant!

As time marches forward, it turns out it was.  We did our research and our homework and were dumbfounded to learn that there was not a single business in the country with a dedicated strategy to design and sell high-end custom theater seating.  Talk about opportunity slapping you upside the head.  If that concept doesn’t make sense for the 14th floor of the Merchandise Mart, I don’t know what does.

Today, some of the very finest theater seating ever imagined is being created in the AEG Home Theaters Design Studio in the Mart.

Custom Theatre Seating

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That deserves to be its own statement.  We have big imaginations and believe that fantastic seating is the icing on the cake in a splendid theater room.  So many people don’t realize what an important role quality seating plays in the overall enjoyment of your personal cinematic experience.  We can’t personalize your speakers, but we can surely personalize your seating!  Great seating adds a polish and stylish finishing element to every theater room.  When the only thing people can see is crappy seats, they buy crappy seats.  Come to the AEG Home Theaters Design Studio, and don’t buy crappy seats.