Theater Seating Project

Ladue, Missouri (2019)

The Cinema Tech Katana Sofa/Sectional has been an exceptional piece for us, and there have been multiple occasions when a visitor to our Design Studio has looked at it and said, “I want it exactly like this.”

The Katana is a fantastic piece, and one of our personal favorites as well.  It is equally at home in a dedicated theater, media room, or even a traditional family room.  When you want to stretch out and relax, it is hard to imagine a furniture option that offers greater flexibility, design-wise.

The Katana is completely modular, in that we can design it to any width size, from a “two- seater” to a “ten-seater.”  We can do a standard arm on each end, a chaise on each end, or any combination thereof.  We have had multiple customers who prefer the relaxed comfort of a sofa/sectional over a traditional theater chair, such that they have used the Katana for multiple rows in their theaters, and such was the case for this project in the beautiful town of Ladue, MO., one of the most prestigious suburbs of St. Louis.

This was a tight space, and the clients had their hearts set on being able to have eight seats.  As such, we used what we call a “smart arm” in the middle of the front row, and throughout the back row, to create separation between the seats without the requirement of using a full 8” wide arm.

With some very clever engineering, all of the seats in a Katana have their own motorization.  Additionally, it is perfect for fitting into tight spaces, as all of its motorization action moves forward, such that it can be placed right up against a wall and not affect any of its motorization motion.