Theater Seating Project

Deerfield, Illinois (2019)

If there is any room in the house where a person should feel free to be whimsical, surely a dedicated theater would be that room.

For this particular project, the customer made it very clear to us that she wanted something stunning and original, such that anyone visiting her theater would know that they were seeing a one-of-a-kind room.

The room itself is a little on the smallish side, by dimensions we would typically recommend.  The client has teenage children, with teenage friends, and she created the theater room as a place intended for teenagers to hang out.

She was adamant that she needed seating for seven people.  The depth of the room was not sufficient to allow for proper spacing for two rows of recliners, which challenged us to find a suitable alternative.

This project was unique in many ways, in that we used highly customized seating products from both of our fine manufacturing partners, Cinema Tech and Fortress Seating.  The primary seating row is a bold interpretation of the Cinema Tech Ferrari, featuring a bold splash of vibrant red leather, with gray color blocking and contrast stitching.  There is absolutely nothing subtle about this chair!

Our solution for the front row is the Lotus, from Fortress Seating.  Whenever someone says to us “We were thinking about just using bean bags for the front row,” we always tell them that we have a much better solution, in a similar footprint/form factor.  The Lotus is a fully framed piece of furniture, just like all of their chairs.  We went one step further, and created a fully custom, free-standing, crescent-shaped ottoman, to follow the exact curvature of the Lotus.  We chose to reverse the color scheme, and went with a gray for the primary color, and red for the accents and contrast stitching.  

The project turned out beautifully and the customer was delighted with what we created for her.  It was at this point that we knew that we were spreading our wings with what we could offer in the world of pure custom seating, and ready to take on all challenges in the category!