Lakeview Theater

Chicago, IL (2022)

This is the “all in” theater project that those of us who build dedicated theater rooms dream about.  The customer has previously owned multiple homes with dedicated theater rooms, and actually purchased this residence for its ability to create a best-in-class cinema room.  

This theater was created from reclaimed space in the lower level, which had been a media room of sorts for the previous owner.  We were able to redraw the space, and create a room that offered proper dimensions for an eight seat theater.

Like us, the customer is an aficionado of spectacular sound, and went all out on a 9.2.6 surround sound array.  We built the system to the maximum capabilities of what the room could handle, which required extra attention to the structural needs of the room.  The highlights of the sound system are speakers from James Loudspeaker, using the largest speakers we could fit behind the screen for the LCR element of the array.  The room has a total of 19 speakers, driven by a whopping 10,000 watts of power, with the power supplied by Aragon Iridium mono blocks for the LCR, Acurus A2007 amplifiers for the rest of the audio bed speakers and the Atmos speakers, with the four subwoofers each being driven by its own 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier from Audio Control

Not surprisingly, the sound in the room is thunderous, but also pristine, as a function of the incredible ARS Acoustic System from Cinema Tech.  It is difficult to describe just how significant a role this acoustic system plays in the overall sound quality performance in a room.  It impresses me every time we include it in a project, which is always.

On the video side, the customer specified that we use the DLA-RS4100, the flagship of the JVC 4K projector lineup.  The screen is a “Cinema Scope” screen (2.35:1 aspect ratio), from Seymour-Screen Excellence, with a diagonal of 152”.  The video elements were further enhanced with a Lumagen video processor, and a Panamorph anamorphic lens, for maximum brightness and maximum detail.  The image quality is truly the finest we have ever seen.

The finishing touch on the room is the beautiful seating from Fortress Seating.  The customer chose a beautiful fabric from ROMO, one of our valued partners on the 6th floor of the Mart.

This room is truly the sum of the parts, and the customer’s first response after living with it for a few days was “Simply Magnificent.”  We’re happy with that.