Atlanta Theater

Atlanta, GA (2022-2023)

In partnership with, and with great appreciation to Joey Leicht Design, we were invited to participate in a project in one of the finest theaters in the world, in one of the most spectacular homes in the world.

In this enormous, amazing room, we were tasked with the seating assignment, which was no small assignment.  This project redefines custom.  The theater room and the entire residence are elaborate and ornate, and the theater room will be a frequently used space by the homeowner, intended to be a true showpiece for this other-worldly residence.

The design inspiration for this room is as pure Golden Age of Cinema as any could be.  It is a true Movie Palace, every inch of it.  In my first meeting with the homeowner, he used the phrase “imagine Paris Opera House, circa 1920s,” when describing his visualization for the seating for the balcony.  That is about as specific a reference as one could hope to receive, and while AEG had yet to create something that fits that description, there is of course a first time for everything.

Fortress Seating, our California based seating partner, has built theater seating for this customer previously, but nothing as elaborate or customized as this project.  I challenged them to try things they had never done before, and with a little pushback here-and-there, they relented and followed my fabrication suggestions and Joey’s amazing design inspiration.  To say that they nailed it would be an enormous understatement.  There simply is not another manufacturer in the category that does custom the way that Fortress does, and they demonstrated just how true that is with this project.  

The balcony was in some ways a bigger challenge, primarily because of our unfamiliarity with this type of seating.  Seek and Ye Shall Find, a phrase I have heard my father say many times, paid great dividends for us this time, as I found my way to Davis Furniture Company, in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  They fully embraced the uniqueness and challenges this project presented, and delivered a breathtaking interpretation of Paris Opera House, circa 1920, for the balcony seating.

To say that this project was the thrill of a lifetime is no exaggeration.  The customer is thrilled with what we created for him, and the project is ongoing.